Saturday, April 29, 2006

I'm coming out!

Okay, this time,i have to write in English for others (read: new friends, mostly foreigners) requested this blog, or are interested to know what i'm thinking and to have a peek of my adventures. Well so far, its almost a month that i didn't update my blog, so i guess, i have no choice....

I'm in an internet cafe right now, after checking my e-mails and reading other blogs, i was inspired to update mine, so here goes...I had fun last night with my good friend and now having a...what the locals call it, "overhang", slept at 3am today and woke up by 9am.

Last time i saw my good friend was December, and yesterday, i texted her, that i'm in town and I want to go out with her. She replied yes, and said that she was organizing a farewell party for an officemate and she invited me to join them...which I did, free booze and food, how can I decline such offer? So we met, and she introduced me to her officemates as one of her boylets or flings, i didn't know if they bought that.

I only joined them for a time and later, decided to have a table of my own - but with all my orders charged to them, they insisted eh. So i was afraid that i may drink alone, but it turn out, my friend wanted to be with me than to her officemates, so she spent most of the times with me, she was my GRO, hahaha! We talked a lot, news about each other, whos is her current boyfriend, sex...until we talked about a topic on being sexually molested, we shared some views regarding it until, we found out that we both experienced such, GASP! My oh my! We talked about it, but not the details. We talked what we felt and feel right now...and good thing we did that, 'coz after that, it lightened our feelings/burdens. Now we are more friends than before, she is more like a sister to me, aaaaay sister!

After that, we went to another bar, where we could dance - we felt suddenly the urge to dance eh! We found a place to dance, jampacked with people, mostly good-looking men (yuppies) who were not dancing, just drinking their booze and talking. We danced and the funny thing was, she was seducing this guy to dance with her, she even asked him formally, but the guy declined...odd...and I joked to her, "snubbed and byuti ng lolah!" (her beauty was snubbed). Later in the night, when all had their too much drinks and were showing their true colors, we understood why the guy declined in the first place, it turned out, there were no real men after all, they were all "happy all the time"....ahahahahaha! No mocking here, we were just dumbstruck...they were all straight-looking eh, as in. My friend was very disappointed, as in...cue song here by Jeremiah, "Nanghihinayang......"! Hahahaha, we had such fun!


Next time na lang revelations ko!
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