Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MetroComicCon na! Wahooo!

Wahoo, may komiks convention na naman!

At sa Megamall na gaganapin!

August 8-9, siyempre, may booth kami!

Kaya mga KOMIKERO, may tambayan tayo para manggulo! May gimik tayo! Abangan nyo gimik natin...nakasuot ng ano si ano...basta!


...pagkakataon na namang makasama ang maraming comics artist
...ibig sabihin, makapagpapirma (autograph hound!) sana may mga taartits din
...maraming laruan
...maraming tao
...maraming magko-cosplay siyempre, MARAMING KOMIKS!!!!!

Bargain komiks na lang kasi ang pinakakaabangan ko ngayon, mura na, pang-fill-up pa ng mga bungi sa koleksyon. Mahal na kasi ang mga bagong komiks ngayon, kaya tpb na lang, para medyo mura, matibay at hindi bitin. Tsaka, na-turn-off na talaga akong mag-abang monthly, BWISET kasi ang FINAL CRISIS eh!!!!

Damn you, Grant Morrison!


Heps, 'daming nakalinyang magaganap, isa na ang launching ng WATCHMEN video...well, 'di ko siya napanood sa sine, kaya sa vcd na lang, available na nga, kaso mahal pa...ang challenge naman ngayon, hintaying maging bargain, hehehe...konting tiis, magmumura din naman eh!

I-click nyo na lang poster para sa mga ito at iba pang detalye.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ART@NET 2009 Painting Competition

Isa pang art contest para sa mga interesado...sayang, 'di na 'ko bata, hehehe....

ART@NET 2009 Painting Competition

Theme: How does the Internet empower the youth?

All young Filipinos, age 15 to 25, are invited to join ART@NET 2009 Painting Competition and paint a beautiful piece of artwork on the topic, How does the Internet empower the youth?

Submit your artwork September 4, 2009!

First Place Winner receives P10,000 and special prizes. The 4 next best artworks will receive gift packs and trophies. We will also be choosing 5 runner-ups aside from the top 5.

How to Participate

  • Sign up to be a member of the Philippine Internet Users’ Society
  • Download the ART@NET 2009 Painting Competition poster and FAQs
  • Express yourself with art on the topic How does the Internet empower the youth?
  • Submit your artwork on September 4, 2009 at Xend Express Worldwide, Inc. 340 Dr. Jose Fernandez St. Brgy. Mauway, Mandaluyong City

Eligibility and Materials

The art competition is open for Filipino individuals, age 15 to 25 as of September 4, 2009, residing in the Philippines. Use a surface that’s 3×3 feet canvas or wood excluding frame.

Medium you can use: acrylic, watercolor, oil.

...oh, ha, sali na!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The 42nd Shell National Students Art Competition


Calling all students! Be part of a momentous event as Shell opens its 42nd National Students Art Competition. There are four categories to participate in: Oil and Acrylic Painting, Watercolor Painting, Sculpture and Digital Fine Arts. This is open-themed, giving young artists freedom to express ideas.

Introducing the competition’s first Calendar Category with the theme Nostalgia Islas Filipinas, centering on Filipino Historical Heritage from 1880-1930. Entries for this category may be in oil/acrylic or watercolor, and the winners will be featured in the Shell 2010 Corporate Calendar. Please see competition rules for the contest mechanics of this category.

Call for Entries

For Competition Rules and Entry Forms

See your Fine Arts or Student Affairs Dean, or visit Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation, Shell House, 156 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City or any Shell office or depot/installation. You may also log on to

Submission of Entries

Metro Manila Entries

August 20, 21, 22, 2009
Shell Art House, 698 Aurora Blvd., New Manila,
Quezon City (in front of St. Paul’s University)

Provincial Entries
July 29, 30, 31, 2009
At your nearest Shell office, depot/installation or
• Bacolod: Gallery Orange, Lopue’s Annex, Mandalagan, Bacolod City
• Iloilo: Museo Iloilo, Bonifacio Drive, Iloilo City
• Cebu: CAP Art Center, 60 Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City
• Davao: GENLUNA, 90 Davao Medical School Drive, Bajada, Davao City

Sali na!

...tsk, tsk, sayang, 'di na ako estudyante....

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Swine Flu Hoax?

Natanggap ko ito kanina, maganda sigurong ipost ito dito, lalo na ngayon at sandamakmak ang nakaface mask mas malalala, nagkakaubusan ng Flu vaccine? Well...

The article below is something to look into. this is how helpless we are where we can be manipulated as they wish. who are these they?

Dr. Lorraine Day is the lady who discovered where AIDS came from after spending a year or more in the Library of Congress. She wrote a book exposing it about 15 years ago. Bottom line is that AIDS was created in a lab at Ft. Deitrick , Maryland by the criminals posing as govt.

Here we go again....

Swine Flu Hoax?

So who are the swine behind the swine flu?

Whenever I begin to see blaring headlines regarding the word “pandemic”, I make a call to Dr. Lorraine Day, the former chief of Orthopedic Surgery at USF. http://www.drday. com/ Not one to mince words, and a dogged researcher, I can count on Lorraine to give me the big picture behind the headlines. I made that call yesterday. Her first words, underscored with a hearty laugh, were “It’s just another hoax!”

Here’s the long and short of it according to Lorraine .

First, the government is continuing on it’s path to incite panic so we will ideally demand to have protection from these ‘killer virus’ via vaccinations. This would help avert a less popular mandatory vaccination program, which is what the Elite would like to see happen. Lorraine is also quick to point out that truly noxious vaccines are being developed in laboratories that combine human and animal virus' that can seriously compromise our immune systems if we allow them to be administered to us.

Secondly, she said that the Center for Disease Control needed to move their stockpiles of the flu drug Tamiflu, which didn't make it out to the masses during the last panic, which was the 'bird flu'. I find it interesting that Tamiflu was supposedly created as the antidote to bird flu, but the CDC now says it actually works just fine for swine flu too. It would appear that the stuff is quite non-specific in nature for what is considered to be a very specific strain of flu. Hummm. Anyway, pharmacy chains such as CVC are now stocking up in preparation for the “pandemic”.

As an aside, it may not surprise you to know that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is a major stockholder in Gilead Sciences, a California bio tech firm that owns the rights to Tamiflu. A CNN report from 2005, when we were were being threatened with the bird flu, put Rumsfeld’s holdings somewhere between $5,000,000 to $25,000,000. This is the same gentleman who brought us the excitotoxin Aspartame, now known to cause serious neurological problems in humans. But, less I digress.....

Lorraine went on to say that 12, 60, even 120 deaths from flu do not make a pandemic. More than 500,000 people a year die from various flu virus’. There are still active flu strains out there from all of the usual sources. In fact, it was just reported that 2 young people in the Sacramento area were tested to have been infected with the swine flu virus, but, no worries, they recovered from their flu in 24 hours. Sounds just like the flu that’s been going around through my friends and other acquaintances over the past few weeks in Sacramento .

To further the story, she said that Prince Charles recently pushed for the subject of Developmental Sustainability be pushed to the top of the G-20 agenda. Developmental Sustainability is the code word for de-population according to Dr. Day. As you may recall, Charles’ father, Prince Phillip, when asked what he would like to come back as if he had another life, said “A virus.” The idea was that he would then be able to kill off the useless members of society. What a gentleman.

In short, Lorraine says do not worry. Just do your body a favor by eating a good clean diet full of fresh vegetables and fruits, get some sunshine and fresh air, turn to your spiritual practice, relax and, under no circumstances, allow yourself to be vaccinated. We're all exposed to flu bugs, but if you can keep your immune system strong, you have nothing to worry about and the only swine involved here are those who are trying to keep us in fear.

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