Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Year Message from Archangel Michael

Buwenamanino sa bagong taon, isang mensahe mula kay Miguel Arkanghel, konting Anthroposophy muna....

Message from Archangel Michael
by Doreen Virtue, www.spiritlibrary. com

Central Theme - involves taking personal risks which lead to spiritual growth and increased well-being and happiness as you practice: to thine own self be true.

2010 continues the steady upward progress that you've been feeling in recent years. You may feel tired from the climb and the vast changes of recent years and while you may feel in need of a rest, there's still more climbing to be done. There will be a time to rest and recuperate soon, we promise. Your feelings of spiritual progress are grounded in reality, as you are now much more sensitive to the subtle energies which have always surrounded you and which you can now feel. Your next step will be in managing these energies so that you can now entrust the benevolence of the universe instead of feeling victimized by outside circumstances.

The energies swirling around you are part of the realignment and adjustments that always occur during shifts and changes. You experience this phenomenon yourself whenever you make a change in your personal life such as moving, changing jobs or a change in relationships. The shifts are similar to the the earth-plate movements of an earthquake and although it can feel sudden or even harsh, the movement is simply an adjustment to prior activities and nothing more. You've endured many shifts and adjustments since 1995, and although you'd like to take some time to rest, it's still an upward journey for you for the next two years. By upward, we mean that you'll feel that you're climbing and making progress however there will be a sense often of being a solo climber who is upon cliffs and overhangs.

You will take emotional and intellectual risks and some may even take physical risks. Yet inside you, you'll always be safe, protected and guided. To feel that sense of safety will require quieting your mind with meditations. Too much noise from overactivity and sensory overload will disconnect you from feeling the presence of your guardians and protectors. Meditate frequently to feel safer and more peaceful.

In 2010 you will find your self taking these risks toward the freedom of being totally authentic with others. This means revealing your self in new, previously undreamed of ways. You will step forward immensely along the path of spiritual growth by revealing your true thoughts and feelings to your self first and to others secondly. We will of course help you to bathe your communications with love so they're truthful and yet kind. Blurting out angry feelings is not the sort of truth-telling which will make you feel good about your self. You will instead prefer the well-being and closeness that occurs when you share your feelings gently and respectfully with others.

In your professional life you'll also take risks. You have found your self increasingly disconnected with work and craving meaningful activities instead. Many have had the opportunity to put these desires and intentions into action, often out of necessity. The core universal energies are encoded to love, joy, peace and happiness. They support any activities immersed in these activities. So, any project in which you are happily humming along because you absolutely love what you're doing will be successful for you. Conversely, any project purely for money without a love for the activity will not last, and nor will the money which is gained from the loveless project. Therefore, immediately cease all activities which are engaged in purely for money, either leave the situation or bring some love into the activities, this is a necessity.

Taking risks to reveal your authentic self is part of the total alignment that earth is experiencing. You are a reflection of the path that earth has taken wherein she allowed her self to be abused and used without protest. She tried to pretend that she was strong and can take the abuse without protest. But now she's reached her limit and so have you. Taking abuse from others is a lethal form of self-abuse because ultimately you are allowing it to happen when you don't tell others about your authentic feelings. Saying NO to all forms of abuse is an essential part of spiritual growth for you and for earth. You don't need to be strong in the sense of stuffing down feelings and pretending everything is ok, when it isn't. You need to be strong only in the sense of speaking honestly about your true feelings. Take the risk to tell others how you feel. Take the risk to realign every part of your life so that it mirrors your true likes, passions and interests.

As you and earth align yourselves with your inner truth so do the swirling energies begin to calm and slow down, right now. In the center core of the swirling energies the slower and more peaceful energy already exist. You tap into this inner core energy every time that you are true to your self. And I will help you with this mission in every way.

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