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Don't drink your milk!

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Animal Protein Steals Calcium From Your Bones
Vegan Nutritionista

You have probably never stopped to think about animal protein before. I personally never had either.

We've all heard it before... "Milk does a body good." I personally believed for the vast majority of my early life that drinking as much milk as I could load into my body was one of the best things I could do for my health. I thought I needed all the calcium so I could keep my bones strong and healthy. But, it turns out that I was wrong on many accounts. Much research has been done on the effects of protein from animal sources on the body, and it isn't pretty.

Now, I have recently learned not to trust research done by anyone who has a stake in the research results. Not to say that I think everyone is corrupt, but I would rather get my advice from someone who doesn't care one way or the other about the outcome than from someone who might like for the data to prove something.

So, here is some research data from people who are not affiliated with the dairy industry in any way...

Yale University published a report in 1992 on a study done on sixteen countries in many different surveys and reviewed by peers... the report said that 70% of the fracture rate in women fifty years and older was from eating animal protein.

It turns out that animal protein, specifically casein (the protein in milk,) is very acidic, and the body tries to neutralize this acidity by taking the base calcium from our bones.

It's also found that once this excess calcium is taken from the bones, it is transferred out of the body with our urine. Multiple studies have been done to find this, and you can read all the details in The China Study, by Dr. Colin Campbell.

Also, the people studied are not drinking a crazy amount of milk to achieve these results. This is based on normal drinking habits.

Another study was done by University of California at San Francisco, called the Study of Osteoporotic Fractures Research Group on women 65-years old and up.

They tested 1000 women over seven years and found that the women with the highest ratio of animal to plant protein had more incidences of bone fracture than women with the lowest ratio. Their bone loss ratewas also much greater than the women who ate less animal protein.

And, keep in mind, all of the women from the UC San Francisco study ate a great deal of animal protein. They did not test women who ate only plant protein, or the results might have been even more fantastic.

They only looked at women with normal diets and found that those who got a larger proportion of their protein from plants had a lower incidence of bone fracture and bone loss.

The University of California at San Francisco's Department of Medicine had published an earlier study on people in 33 countries that found that having a high ratio of vegetable to animal protein helped bone fractures to decrease and almost disappear completely.

So, it seems that drinking milk not only does not do a body good, but it seemingly does quite a bit of harm too. Protein from animal products in general is not good for our body.

I know this goes so far against what we have all been taught for years, but at some point we need to start believing research and not just what the dairy companies are telling us.

Do your body good and eat foods that are rich in calcium and do not steal the calcium from your bones. Green, leafy vegetables, beans, and many other fruits and vegetables are full of the healthy nutrient.

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