Monday, May 23, 2011

Healing Ourselves from Medicine

HEALING OURSELVES FROM MEDICINE — based on thirty years of practical experience—offers a detailed working manual for applying the principles of an anthroposophic approach to medicine that anyone use. The book clearly explains the philosophical underpinnings of this unique approach to self-healing and will prove to be valuable to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of human health and illness.


“Humanity is at war with itself. On many fronts, humans are fighting each other in a silent but raging and devastating war. Medicine is a key battleground in this conflict. On one side stand the forces advocating for the full mechanization of the human being—looking at old age as a disease, and damaged organs as mere body parts that can be replaced with other similar body parts. On the other side stand humans who want to advance a more profound, dignified, and spiritual view of the human being and the healing process. In this epochal conflict, Jake Tan has clearly placed his future with the forces that would resist the mechanization of humanity. Jake is bringing an important message that deserves to be heard, especially in a time when humanity is making fateful decisions that will determine the future direction and condition of subsequent generations. Will we choose to mechanize ourselves and solve the ‘problem’ of ‘illness’ and ‘old age’ by attempting to transfer human consciousness into the bodies of super-intelligent machines? Or will we view biological ‘defects,’ illness, holistic health, and death as essential for the spiritual evolution of humanity? In the end, you, as readers, will also have to make a choice. May Jake’s book help guide you in making that choice.” — Nicanor Perlas, recipient of The Right Livelihood Award and the author of Shaping Globalization: Civil Society, Cultural Power, Threefolding.

Joaquin G. Tan trained in acupuncture (1989) and in Anthroposophic Pharmaceutical Preparations and Medicine in the Wala Company, Germany. He attended the English Course in Anthroposophic Medicine, Arlesheim (1992), and cofounded the first Waldorf kindergarten school in the Philippines and served on its board of trustees (1994-2002). He is also the author of the book Healing Ourselves: A Guide to Creative, Responsive & Self-Reliant Medicine (1995). Jake conducts workshops and gives lectures on wellness, healing, and the nutritional aspects of child development, throughout Asia.

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