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Phillippine Islands mentioned in the BooK of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch as one of the 12 energy grid areas


Dear Friends/brothers/sisters,

The Philippines holds a very important key to the overall Earth changes. It is part of Ancient Lemuria and Panay being the center of this energy grid. It is in the very heart of the Dove or the mid-section of the Dove ( map of the Cosmic connective grid for Gaia's New Earth Body ). Most of the other parts mentioned are in the Middle East where the rebellions are occurring presently. Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iran hold the most elusive Stargates that have been under the Dark Illuminati Forces for Aeons. These have to be freed and released to the peoples in order for the energies held within the Stargates to be fully implemented. Bali in Indonesia is another major Portal as is Australia and New Zealand and the Polynesian Islands of the Pacific especially Hawaii and Samoa. China, Russia have powerful portals that have yet to be released from the dark forces' control.

South America has to a great extent been set free of the tight illuminati grip. The White Serpent Of Light/Pachamama/The Mother Spirit has made her way through the Isthmus of the Panama Canal with the assistance of the peoples of the Ancient and Native tribes who stayed connected to their ancient spiritual practices and the many lightworkers who prayed and focused their light for her passage. She is now in the Andes Mountains between Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

About 8 years or so ago the triangulation coordinates had been given to me one at a time by the Divine Hierarchy under Lord Metatron. One of the earliest coordinates involved Giza in Egypt, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Devil's Triangle in Japan. The uprising in Egypt freed the energies that had lain dormant under the Dark forces' rule and was relayed to the Portal under the Bermuda Triangle which was then relayed to the Portal under the Devil's Triangle in Japan. This set the changes necessary in motion for Gaia's physical recalibration for that part of Asia.

Had it not been for the increase in consciousness of the human population the entire Japan would have fractured and fallen under the Ocean bed. Sendai and the neighboring areas affected are taking most of the damage with the souls who incarnated there sacrificing for the greatest good of all in Japan and the neighboring Countries which would also have been affected had the original coordinates ( pre-rise in consciousness ) been set in motion. We have to thank all of these souls as well as those left behind who are processing their loved ones' loss and having to go through great challenges and suffering. Please send them love and gratitude in your prayers for them.

The Philippines will also have it's share of Gaia's physical body recalibration. Mindanao will have it's turn when the next triangulation occurs. There will be a powerful alignment that will occur during the Spring Equinox with a full moon on the 18th and the Spring Equinox on the 20th. Remember that the New Moon on March 4th was a perigee moon ( closest to Earth ) and this was responsible for the increased magnetic pull to the Ocean water and the tsunami following the earthquake. Another major Portal opening will be on March 29, 2011. Please focus on raising your energies and staying in balance this month. This month is very powerful and can be very destructive. We are after all in the death and rebirthing process which is necessary for our Ascension and crystallization processes.

Since Gaia and my body are on the same energy coordinate I feel her labor pain before her next physical recalibration occurs and this gives me the knowledge of where her next trajectory will be and this gives me just enough time to give some caution to lightworkers there for much needed preparations before the event. Please have enough bottled water, rice, non-perishable food supplies, candles, fuel to cook food without electricity, matches,flashlights with batteries,blankets,medicines,full gasoline tanks in your vehicles, etc for at least 2 to 4 weeks ready. It is always good to be prepared. However, there is no need for fear and anxiety. We are being watched over by our Divine Family.

As for my own family in Iloilo I am leaving them to their own ability to cope. Many times in the past ( as pre-Frank ) I have tried to furnish them with an emergency supply, but every time I did this my sister and her family ate the supply faster than I could complete it. They do not see situations as I do and so, I am letting them go. My mother is 91 years old and has lived her life fully and joyfully. She will be watched over and kept safe as with my sister and her family although the latter will experience challenges from their lack of initiative over proper preparations. It is part of their lessons.

In the subsequent months coming every 11 date or combination of 11 aligned with the 2011 year will be a Portal opening. This is the year of acceleration and many events will come one after the other in rapid sequencing. This is also the year of emotional and karmic ties dissolving and there will be many situations that will allow for releasing others to their own soulular progression.

There will be situations where friends, family members, and long standing acquaintances will turn against you for no reason at all. Their own fears, anxieties, jealousies, doubts, and emotional issues will cause at times explosive situations and they will turn against people they see as peaceful, balanced, and joyful. When this happens it is time to release that person or persons with much love and well wishes for their soul's evolution. It is their soul desiring to find their own pathways wherever it is leading them. We have to stay in emotional detachment/neutrality and not allow their emotions to pull us out of our balance. Let us not judge, just let them go with love and forgiveness.

This is getting quite common amongst lightworkers presently when one thinks his/her light is greater than the other or when one resents the other for what he/she perceives as the other having more " light ". This was the 1st error in judgment that caused the 1st rebellion in the Heavens when Lucifer thought his/her light was brighter and greater than the others and refused to acknowledge the Christ Light within the souls/human beings. It is the same today when there is envy and jealousy amongst the lightworkers. It is called spiritual vanity and is the foremost cause of the downfall and pitfall amongst lightworkers.

Work on your communities/islands of light. Time is of the essence. When you gather in cooperation ( not competition ) you form islands of light that will keep you lifted high during the times of great challenges that are coming. Learn to share equally whatever resources/knowledge/information you have with your soul brothers and sisters. This is what is going to keep you all safe and grounded during the times of post-disasters. Mother Earth/Gaia is recalibrating her physical body into another Eden/Paradise and this cannot be-come unless she goes into physical changes and with her changes comes " catastrophes " from the earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc. During times of epidemics remember to keep your physical bodies hydrated, nurtured with pure and nourishing foods, give yourselves much rest and sleep (the sleep state is where your Divine Family can assist you with your healing unencumbered by human egoic resistance ).

Above all, do not allow your energies to be receptive to fear as fear will paralyze and keep your bodies open to dis-eases and dis-harmony states. Trust, Surrender to your Higher Power, have Faith that will move mountains, and have Charity within your hearts towards one another and live in joy, within inner and outer peace. I wish you all the best. Stay safe, be healthy, be joyful, stay positive in your outlooks, and be one with all and All.

With much love and light,


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